Beware of Recruitment Scams & Fraudulent Job Offers

Kraton will not use unsolicited email to request fees from a job applicant, nor does it use recruiting agencies that charge job applicants an advance fee of any kind.

There have been instances of individuals or organizations using the Kraton name and logo, as well as the names of Kraton employees, in emails falsely claiming to recruit on behalf of Kraton. In some cases, they make fraudulent job offers and often ask for sensitive personal and financial information, including up-front fees from interested job applicants.

These communications are scams. They do not originate from Kraton. Kraton does not, nor do any of the firms that recruit on Kraton’s behalf, ask for money or payments from applicants at any point in the recruitment process.


Note that unsolicited and fraudulent recruitment scams can also be used to conduct “phishing” attacks that try to trick the recipients into disclosing personal, financial or otherwise valuable information.


How to identify a recruitment scam?

1) Even if the email address contain the word “Kraton” or “kraton,” it may not be from Kraton. If the email address does not end with a @kraton.com, it is most likely a fraudulent email.
2) Email correspondence may be sent from, or you may be requested to respond to a free web-based email account such as yahoo.com, Gmail.com, etc.
3) Fraudulent recruitment may include exaggerations about the job, wages, misspellings, poor grammar, and requests for money.
4) There may be a request for personal information such as address details, date of birth, passport details, bank details, etc.

For Your Information:

Do not open attachments or click on links in suspicious emails from individuals or websites you do not know or trust.
Do not respond to unsolicited business offers from people, email addresses or social media that you do not know or trust.
Do not send money to anyone, or pay any processing fee, or work permit fee, etc., for an interview or a job with Kraton.


Please visit our Careers site for the latest job information, https://jobs.kraton.com.