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Kraton Performance Polymers is a long-time leader and innovator in the manufacture of styrene block copolymers (SBC) used in the personal care industry.   Our elastic film products provide the soft elasticity that yields a snug, comfortable fit in baby diapers. The Kraton styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene (SEBS) polymers used in nonwoven processes produce breathable, stretchable materials with excellent recovery to withstand the repeated pull up-and-down cycles required in child training pants.   In our latest advancement, Kraton enhanced rubber segment (ERS) polymers feature bi-directional stretch for manufacturing flexible adult incontinence underwear that exhibits excellent recovery as well as good breathability.

Adhesives formulated using Kraton D styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS) elastomers securely position nonwoven sheets and absorbent pads in diapers as well as feminine care products.  The comfort "feel" for which thermoplastic elastomers are well known makes the products ideal for molding soft-touch grips on toothbrush and razor handles.  Similarly, new Cariflex Isoprene Rubbers (IR) improve sensitivity in condoms and offer a hypoallergenic alternative to conventional natural rubber latex.

In addition to our full line of cutting-edge polymers, Kraton specializes in partnering with customers to formulate solutions that improve performance in existing elastic films and nonwoven products as well as support the design of new personal care items.  Moreover, we continually strive to support finished product manufacturers as they seek to enhance processing capabilities, increase yields and optimize cost effectiveness in their operations. 



Strong, tactilely sensitive and gentle to the skin are three key criteria for materials of products to be used in condom manufacturing. With its proven expertise in formulating polymers for "soft touch" personal care products, Kraton has developed a new family of latex rubber-like polymers known as Cariflex polyisoprene (IR) latex.


Personal Hygiene

Comfort, fit and reliability are key properties for diapers, training pants, adult incontinence and feminine care products. To attain these desired performance features, many manufacturers of elastic films, nonwoven fabrics and, ultimately, completed products, rely on Kraton Corporation elastomers.


Personal Grooming

Kraton styrenic block copolymers have long been preferred for overmolding comfort grips on consumer products ranging from toothbrushes and razors. The materials combine the processability of thermoplastics with the feel of crosslinked rubbers. To meet changing customer requirements, Kraton has continually improved its product offering for this market by introducing tougher materials grades with a variety of hardness values and better mechanical characteristics.


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