Highly Modified Asphalt

Highly Modified Asphalt

Highly Modified Asphalt, or HiMA , is a new SBS polymer technology developed by Kraton Corporation for asphalt paving. The SBS polymer loading is more than twice that of ordinary modified asphalt, yet mixes are readily workable and easy to lay in the field. The high polymer loading makes the asphalt more like an asphalt-modified rubber than a rubber-modified asphalt so it has many times the fatigue and deformation resistance of ordinary modified asphalt.

To prove out this technology we engaged the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University and their 1.7 mile test track. We constructed a HiMA section on the track in a control group.  Even though the HiMA section is 18% thinner than the control group, after 2+ years and 10,000,000 axle loads of heavy truck traffic it shows only 1/3 as much rutting and NCAT estimates that it will have better fatigue performance as well.

Our paving & roofing business now commences with commercial paving projects around the globe. Here you will find published reports, job stories, videos highlighting HiMA paving tests and HiMA commercial implementations by government transportation agencies that utilize our technology to dramatically improve pavement performance. Whether it’s for HiMA base course, binder course, wearing course pavement structures or micro surfacing pavement preservation treatments we have a custom solution for you.

Kraton HiMA corporate/agency Video (9 minutes)

Asphalt Pavement, November 2015
Winning the Race Track

Roads & BridgesWhen it comes to ensuring high performance, sometimes you need more than one expert.  At the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park, when the first cars took to the track last year, the drivers enjoyed the high-quality results made possible by the collaborative effort between a contractor, a design firm, an engineering firm, a mix consultant, two asphalt-modifier companies, and Corvette Racing.

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new zealand thin surfacing project (3 minutes)

HiMA - Peak Performance in Parana Brazil(7 minutes)

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