Refinery Products

Kraton Corporation provides tall oil fatty acids, distilled tall oils, tall oil rosins and crude sulphate turpentine derived products to the global coatings, inks, fuel additives and lubricants industries.

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Distilled Tall Oils

SYLVATAL™ products are distilled tall oils (DTO), with 10–40% rosin acids. They combine the advantages of fatty and rosin acids, and are therefore an ideal raw material for functional products like metal working fluids, oil field chemicals, soaps, cleaners and alkyd resins. Varnishes for indoor use based on DTO use have hard films, with high gloss and excellent water and alkali resistance. Magnesium Soaps of DTO are very efficient dispersants for fuel oils.

Heads/Specialty Blends

Kraton Corporation’s SYLVABLEND™ products are suitable raw materials for the production of cutting, drilling and lubricant oils and also for linoleum binders. Another area of use is flotation of minerals.

Pitch Fuel

Kraton Corporation provides sustainable fuel blends for industrial and heating applications. Pitch fuel is a renewable and sustainable bioliquid that is generated while distilling CTO.

Tall Oil Fatty Acids

SYLFAT™ is a tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) with high fatty acid content and a low content of rosin acids and unsaponifiables. SYLFAT™ provides a combination of light colour, very good colour stability and air drying properties. SYLFAT™ products have a partially unsaturated C18 backbone, and are used in a wide range of applications including alkyd resins, dimer acids, surfactants, cleaners, oil field chemicals, lubricant esters and other chemical derivatives.

Tall Oil Rosins

Kraton Corporation manufactures tall oil rosins especially suited for the manufacture of fortified rosin, paper size and ink resins.

Terpene Blends

Kraton Corporation’s SYLVAPINE™ products are used as intermediates for making camphor, perfumes, terpineol and insecticides.

Upgraded Rosins – Soap

Upgraded rosin soaps are primarily used as emulsifiers in emulsion polymerisation. In addition, they are used in the production of different pigments for printing inks and varnishes and in the formulation of labeling glues.


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