Kraton is driving innovation with polymer modification by reducing road maintenance costs, and helping communities cut down on timely and costly construction delays and traffic hassles. Additionally, polymer modified asphalt is fully recyclable, giving it minimum life cycle carbon footprint – something more cities and government agencies are making a priority.

As traffic becomes denser, axle loads and tire pressures continue to wear down roadways across the world, while harsh climates and weather spur the deterioration. Over time, roads become rutted, rough and deformed which can lead to dangerous, and costly, repercussions. To enhance a road’s durability, the polymer modification of asphalt binder has become the solution of choice. Polymer modification offers the features and benefits that meet the evolving expectations of drivers, road authorities and communities the world over. As pioneers in asphalt modification, Kraton leads the paving industry by offering new and innovative polymers that deliver superior performance and processability. With a vast global supply network, we offer our platform of higher performing polymers to an ever challenging range of paving applications. Find out more about blending with bitumen and the various Kraton grades:

Blending with Bitumen

Additionally, Highly Modified Asphalt, or HiMA, is a new styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) polymer technology developed by Kraton with a polymer loading is more than twice that of ordinary modified asphalt, yet mixes are readily workable and easy to lay in the field. This high polymer loading makes the asphalt more like an asphalt-modified rubber than rubber-modified asphalt, making it more resistant to fatigue and deformation than ordinary modified asphalt.

The technologies we have helped create aid in the production of such paving applications as:

  • Wearing courses for high traffic, or harsh climate roads
  • Pavement preservation overlays
  • Cement concrete overlays
  • High performance base courses
  • Waterproofing bridge deck asphalt
  • Stripping resistant porous asphalt
  • Racetrack and airport pavements
  • Asphalt emulsions for chip seals with superior stone retention

Features and Benefits

SBS polymers for asphalt modification address rutting and cracking issues and have proved time and again to be the best modifier for both hot and cold climates. Asphalt modification with SBS polymer technology leads to longer lasting, more cost efficient roadways because of its wide array of features and benefits such as:

  • Soluble and highly efficient with low processing viscosity
  • Bitumen extended polymer network in the binder
  • Thermal crack resistance through toughness at low temperature
  • Permanent deformation resistance with higher elasticity and modulus
  • Fatigue resistance through toughness and enhanced crack healing


Highly Modified Asphalt (HiMA)
Winter Damage in Porous Asphalt


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