Personal Care

Personal Care

Kraton Performance Polymers has decades of experience in developing polymer and compound solutions to meet the end use requirements of our customers. The unique structure of our polymers impart flexibility and elasticity to a wide range of personal care applications including disposable diapers, adult incontinence products, wipes, and many other industrial film and nonwoven products. Kraton® polymers are compatible with an array of materials from polyolefins to more polar materials.  Kraton polymers can also be used to modify many types of oils for use in personal care applications such as cosmetics for skin, hair, and nail care.



We supply polymers and compounds that are utilized to make elastic films for use in both infant and adult disposable diaper applications.

Elastic films are also gaining importance in the medical, packaging and hygienic market segments. They provide softness combined with elasticity and strength. Thermoplastic SBC based elastomers provide the best balance of these properties, and can be processed in blown and cast films equipment, either as a monolayer, or in combination with other polymers and fabrics. PE and PP are very compatible and thus they can be thermally bonded together. These films can be used in waist bands, closure tapes, side panels, and backsheets.

We can also help you to introduce elasticity into non woven fabrics. Non woven fabrics are flat, flexible, porous sheet structures, produced by interlocking layers of fibers or filament structures. The technical criteria for disposable nonwoven includes sufficient strength and extensibility to withstand high-speed converting processes.

They provide a balance of softness and rigidity to accommodate the intended use as well as processing and transportation. Fabrics produced by extrusion techniques are referred to individually as spunbonded, meltblown, textured or apertured film nonwovens or generically as polymer laid nonwovens.  Furthermore they are manufactured to engineering specifications and compete with industrial woven and other textile fabrics. 



Nonwoven fabric is a flat, flexible, porous sheet structure that is produced by interlocking layers of fibers or filament structures. By utilizing Kraton® polymers, tough, strong, puncture resistant nonwovens fabrics, and films can be produced.


Cosmetics, Skin Care and Oil Gels

Kraton® polymers offer customers the ability to modify the viscosity of mineral oils and natural oils to produce a wide range of viscosities suitable for hand creams and other skin care products.

Oil gels are primarily blends of oil and gelling agents. The oil comprises the majority of the blend and can be a naphthenic or paraffinic processing oil, a mineral oil, a synthetic product such as a polybutene or a silicone. Natural oils can also utilize our technology. Our products offer the formulator low temperature performance and compounds with excellent oil retention. Formulations can vary from strong elastomers to weak gels and greases. They are used for sealants, corrosion protection, binders and in the cosmetic industry.


Other Personal Care Products

For years, demand has grown for synthetic condoms matching or possibly exceeding the "touch and feel" performance of natural rubber latex condoms. Polyurethane condoms produced via solvent-dipping remain costly and inferior in performance relative to natural rubber. Kraton® IR-401 latex is the material of choice for optimal performance with a synthetic material.


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