Performance Chemicals

Kraton Corporation manufactures a broad range of tall oil-based acids, polyamides and fatty amines for use as Performance Chemicals for coatings, lubricants, mining and oilfield applications.

Learn more about our TOFA and DTO products, including information about specific grades, technical properties and application uses and recommendations.

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Kraton Corporation produces hydrogenated castor oil derivatives for the lubricating grease and coatings industries. We offer our North American customers the best logistics along with dedicated technical support.

Dimer Acids

Kraton Corporation’s UNIDYME™ products are dimerized fatty acids, specially designed for the manufacture of polyamide curing agents, other high molecular weight intermediates and certain specialist additive applications.

Ink Polyamides

Kraton Corporation has been manufacturing   UNI-REZ™ polyamides for over 40 years. We service the adhesives, flexible packaging ink, traffic marking, and coatings industries offering a wide array of the highest quality products.

Isostearic and Stearic Acids

From personal care emollients to high performance engine lubricants, Kraton Corporation isostearic acids are used in a variety of applications.

Monomer Acids

CENTURY™ Monomer Acids are non-petroleum, non-animal based products that can be used as substitutes for various vegetable and tallow-based fatty acid derivative products.


Available in a number of grades designed to meet a wide range of end-use requirements. UNI-REZ™ thixotropic polyamides provide performance well beyond the capabilities of other competing technologies for controlling the rheology of structured non-drip gloss paints and varnishes.

Polybasic Acids

Kraton Corporation offers high viscosity, multifunctional polybasic acids that find use in oilfield applications, flexibilizers in epoxy compounds, and polyamides.
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