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Next Generation of Elastic Nonwovens

Our new polymer technology offers superior softness, bi-axial stretch and solid durability. This exciting advancement in fiber technology breaks through the processing barriers of conventional SBC polymers. Kraton G1643 is specifically created to meet the requirements in single use and durable nonwoven applications. G1643 is bicomponent spunbond grades which provide the core construction of elastic yarns or elastic nonwovens.

The competitive advantage of a Kraton polymer lies in the design and optimization of the copolymer to retain its elasticity, while still making it suitable for high-speed processing. Kraton elastic nonwovens are proven to be drapeable, non-tacky and breathable, enabling the creation of products that are soft, quiet and discrete. Kraton Corporation exhibit excellent process stability and require no pre-drying. Fabric elasticity can be further enhanced by pre-stretching. Dyeing and/or printing are also possible with the proper choice of sheath material.

Market applications include:

  • Surgical Drapes and Gowns
  • Scrub Suits and Protective Apparel
  • Diaper and Adult Incontinence Waistbands
  • Wound Care Dressings
  • Industrial Composites and Specialty Textiles

For further information, please contact:
Stephanie Earley, Global Market Development Manager Stephanie.Earley@kraton.com








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