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NEXAR polymers offer a new set of features & benefits for water transport, filtration and separation. Today's challenges require material solutions that can perform these tasks better, more efficiently, and more economically. Kraton introduces new NEXAR sulfonated polymer membrane technology.

Kraton Corporation introduces the first two polymer grades in the NEXAR product family for water transport, filtration, and separation applications: NEXAR MD9200 and MD9150 are available as either a polymer in solution or a polymer membrane. MD9200 has an ion exchange capacity (IEC) of 2.0 meg/g and MD9150 has an IEC of 1.5 meg/g. MD9200 and MD9150 are the first grades in a developing family of sulfonated block copolymers. This new polymer architecture demonstrates outstanding capabilities. Whether used to coat or laminate a substrate, or cast as a pure membrane film, NEXAR polymers feature:


  • High water flux rate
  • Ion selectivity
  • Chemical resistance to chlorine
  • Low electrical resistance
  • High water transport rates
  • Mechanical strength both wet and dry
  • Good dimensional stability in wet and dry conditions
  • The membranes are stable under ambient conditions and do not require special packaging for shipment.
  • NEXAR polymers can be applied using current commercial coating and laminating lines


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