Medical Applications

Cariflex Gloves

We have applied our 40+ years of expertise in polymer chemistry to provide solutions to many medical applications.

We serve customer applications in IV bag films, surgical draping, compression devices, diagnostic equipment (flexible and rigid), gloves, medical films, tubing, and other applications. We offer a range of extremely tough, transparent, flexible and rigid polymers that are compatible with a variety of polymers. All of our polymers are non-PVC, DEHP free and provide, high performance, proven alternatives to PVC.

Kraton® G polymers are for applications that require high strength, UV resistance and heat stability.

Kraton FG polymers are functionalized Kraton G polymers that provide compatibility and adhesion to polar polymers and substrates.

Kraton D polymers are cost effective solutions for various soft touch applications, with less stringent requirements.

Cariflex IR polymers are synthetic polyisoprene rubbers and can be formulated to replace many natural rubber applications.

Cariflex IR Latex is an ideal substitute for natural rubber latex, particularly in applications with high purity requirements such medical, healthcare, personal care and food contact.


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Medical Applications

Surgical Gloves

Catheter Balloons

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Kraton polymers offer the following:

  • USP class VI Toxicology requirements
  • FDA clearance
  • Easy process ability
  • Superior toughness
  • Clarity (pure and in blends)
  • No plasticizers
  • Non-allergenic

EO, EB and gamma sterilization are possible with neat Kraton G polymers.  Steam sterilization is possible when the polymers are used in combination with other polymers, or in co- extrusions.  Grades are offered with high resilience, low compression set, good puncture and reseal properties and with no plasticizers needed.

Kraton polymers also offer enhanced oxidation, higher service temperatures, and increased processing stability.  They provide formulation flexibility, ease of processing in commonly used thermoplastic technology, clarity in polyolefin blends, and offer such performance benefits as soft-touch, improved grip, and increase toughness.

The medical industry continues to demand higher quality, fit for purpose materials.  Kraton Performance Polymers is the solution provider that gives innovators their edge.  Our extensive knowledge in designing polymers and our dedication to customer relationships make us the ideal partner to support your product and service needs.


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