Medical Applications

Cariflex Gloves
The use of engineered nonwoven fabrics in the medical industry is ever growing for ease of use as well as reduced sterilization and storage/handling costs.  Most importantly, disposable nonwoven masks, drapes and gowns can help prevent the spread of blood borne diseases, viruses and bacteria within the hospital and from patient to patient.  The majority of medical nonwovens are disposable articles that are manufactured, sterilized and packaged.  Cross-contamination of pathogens and disease agents is minimized by use of appropriate disposal procedures.

High-speed spunbond and melt-blown processes are used to form ultra-soft fabrics from Kraton® SEBS and ERS SEBS polymers.  The Kraton materials produce high-elasticity nonwovens with excellent bi-axial strength and resilience.  Fabrics can be designed to absorb or repel fluids according to the requirements of the application.



Nonwoven face masks are breathable, soft and conform easily to individual users seeking to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.


Operating gowns

Operating room personnel wear single-use nonwoven surgical gowns that are sterile, soft and as comfortable as cloth because they exhibit bi-axial stretch and flexibility.  The garments provide a barrier of protection from the patients’ blood and bodily fluids.


Surgical and Orthopedic Drapes 

Nonwoven drapes used in hospitals are disposable to prevent the spread of bacteria and provide for rapid clean-up.  The fabrics are soft and resilient for easy drapeability. 


Patient gowns

Doctors’ offices reduce the spread of bacteria between patients and cut linen sterilization and handling costs by utilizing single-use nonwoven gowns for patients in examination rooms.



Just as soft engineered fabrics are used in multi-layer, absorbent, disposable diapers, the materials are well suited for manufacturing lightweight, multi-layer wound care dressings.  In these applications, nonwovens can be designed for high absorbency that promotes healing and reduces bacterial growth.



Medical Disclaimer

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