Medical Applications

Styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrenes (SEBS) are the principal SBC products consumed by the medical and healthcare industry for the manufacture of IV fluid bags without the use of PVC, phthalates, plasticizers and VOCs. The polymers are also well suited for extruding medical-grade tubing and for high-speed processing of drapeable, soft nonwoven fabrics. Most grades meet FDA requirements and pass USP VI.

ERS SEBS is the newest of Kraton’s PVC-replacement products. Offering both cost savings and environmental benefits including recyclability, the materials are characterized by greater softness and higher clarity and transparency than conventional SEBS. The new materials also provide improved compatibility with polypropylene (PP) for the production of compounds that offer enhanced flow without the use of phthalate plasticizers. Supplied as dense pellets, ERS SEBS are easy to handle and dry blend with PP. They can be extruded, injection or blow molded, or used in cast films.

With virtually all processing methods, the materials maintain outstanding toughness, puncture resistance and flexibility. Bags and kink-resistant tubing made from ERS SEBS are impact resistant at room- and low temperatures, and are unaffected by exposure to IV fluids. The cast and molded products can be sterilized using EO, E-beam, gamma and, in some cases, steam techniques without significant degradation. Most of the ERS SEBS and ERS SEBS/PP combinations pass USP VI and FDA testing for medical applications.

Medical Containers

Outstanding clarity. Low extractables. Sterilizability

IV Solution Bags

Free of PVC, phthalates, plasticizers and VOCs


High clarity. Printable surfaces. Impact resistance

Medical fabrics

High-elasticity nonwovens with excellent bi-axial strength and resilience

Medical Tubing

Kink resistant . High clarity. Plasticizer free.

Medical Disclaimer

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