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All Compound grades listed below are being transitioned to PolyOne as per our recent agreement. These products will no longer be available on  In the meantime, if you require support with product information such as Data Documents or Safety Datasheets please contact Product Safety at

Kraton® D SBS

D0243, D1101, D1102, D1116, D1118, D1152, D1153, D1155, D1184, D1186, D1189, D1191, D1192, D3158, D4141, D4150, D4153, D4158, D4270, D4274

Kraton® D SIS

D1111, D1112, D1113, D1114, D1117, D1119, D1124, D1126, D1160, D1161, D1162, D1163, D1164, D1170, D1171, D1173, D1183, D1193,D4433


A1535, A1536, G1633, G1640, G1641, G1642, G1643, G1645, G1650, G1651, G1652, G1654, G1657, G1660, G1701, G1702, G1726, G1730, G1740, G1765, G2874, G4609, G4610

Kraton® FG

FG1901, FG1924

Kraton® Isoprene Rubber

Cariflex IR0307, Cariflex IR0310, IR307, IR310

Kraton® IR Latex

Cariflex IR0401 BU Latex, Cariflex IR0401 SU Latex, IR0401 BU Latex, IR0401 SU Latex





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