Compounding Solutions

Wire and Cable

Cariflex Gloves

Kraton™ polymers have been used for various wire and cable products. Kraton G polymers can be formulated for use in flexible cords, industrial cords, automotive primary wire, control wire, booster cables, welding cables, molded plugs and connectors. Kraton D polymers are cost-effective solutions for less demanding applications. Kraton FG polymers can be used to enhance compatibility between flame retardant fillers and the polymer matrix.

Compounds based on Kraton G polymers offer wire and cable designers, application engineers and processors a combination of high-performance benefits:

  • Excellent tensile strength and elongation
  • Oil and abrasion resistance
  • Cold temperature strength and impact resistance
  • Rubber-like feel and appearance
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent colorability
  • Good weatherability
  • Good thermal aging
  • Resistance to most acids and bases
  • Flame retardant to V-0 rating

Please contact Kraton Performance Polymers for the most recent technology development in non-halogen, low smoke flame retarded applications.






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