Compounding Solutions

Consumer Products, Housewares and Personal Care

Cariflex Gloves

Kraton™ compounds are used in many consumer products due to their soft touch nature. Kraton compounds can be made at different hardness levels and with different hand feel. They can be overmolded onto polypropylene and can be injection molded into thin parts and have excellent grip. They can also be brilliantly colored or even made transparent.

Products that use Kraton compounds include garden tools, pen grips, toothbrushes, razors, can openers, cookie cutters, cooking utensils, spatula blades, egg holders, wine pumps, and synthetic wine corks. Kraton compounds can also be made into ice cube trays due to their good low temperature flexibility. The can also be overmolded on to plastic storage boxes to ensure tight seal. The possible application areas are limited only by designers' imagination.






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