Compounding Solutions

Cariflex Gloves

KratonTM polymers are widely used to formulate TPE compounds
in a variety of application areas including Appliances/Tools, Automotive, Consumer Products, Housewares, Personal Care, Sporting Goods, Toys, Industrial and Wire and Cable.

  • KratonTM G polymers are for applications that require high strength, UV resistance and heat stability.
  • KratonTM FG polymers are functionalized Kraton G polymers that provide compatibility and adhesion to polar polymers and substrates.
  • KratonTM D polymers are cost effective solutions for footwear, and various soft touch applications.
  • CariflexTM IR polymers are synthetic polyisoprene rubbers and can be formulated to replace many natural rubber applications.


Features and Benefits

Kraton polymers are high performance polymers engineered to enhance the performance capabilities of a wide spectrum of end products and applications. These benefits are achieved through precise control of molecular structure and formulation know-how. Compounds made with Kraton polymers offer these characteristics:

  • High strength and elasticity
  • Durability
  • Transparency and colorability
  • Soft touch, excellent wet and dry grip
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Good electrical properties
  • Sterilization by steam, ethylene oxide, gamma and beta radiation
  • Resistance to oxygen, ozone and UV degradation (Kraton G polymers)
  • Many products meet FDA and USP VI requirements
  • Easy to compound. No crosslinking reaction.

The unique structure of Kraton block copolymers allows compounders to develop applications that are unconventional. For technical information, please contact your local Kraton Performance Polymers office.


End-Use Products

Appliances and Tools

Compounds based on Kraton polymers provide soft touch feel for knobs, seals, and grips. Many compounds can be inserted or two shot injection molded with polymers like PP, ABS, PC, and nylon. Read More>>


Applications can include air bag door covers, interior parts, exterior parts, HVAC system valves, cup holders, door panels, grommets, instrument panels, handles, extruded profiles, fabric coatings. Read More>>

Consumer Products, Housewares, Personal Care

Applications can include bicycle pump grips, boiled egg holders, synthetic corks, cap liners, pen grips, kitchenware grips, spatulas, can openers, gel pads, soft touch grips on razors, toothbrushes, cosmetic bottles. Read More>>

Sporting Goods, Leisure

Applications can include bicycle grips, cushions, knife handle grips, ski pole grips, sunglasses parts, chest expander tubing. Read More>>


Applications can include toy car wheels, figure toys, and gel toys.  Read More>>

Wire and Cable

Compounds can be developed for flexible cord, industrial cord, automotive primary wire, control wire, booster cable, welding cable, molded plugs and connectors. Read More>>



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