Compounding Solutions


Cariflex Gloves

Kraton™ polymers are widely used in automotive applications such as air bag door covers, cup holders, door panels, grommets, instrument panels, handles, extruded profiles, and fabric coatings. Kraton G polymers are used for applications that require high strength, excellent UV and heat stability. Kraton G polymers can also be blended with EPDM TPV to improve processability and lower the hardness of the compounds. Kraton D polymers are used for sound deadening applications.

Kraton polymers can also be used to modify polypropylene and TPO to enhance impact properties. Kraton FG polymers are functionalized Kraton G polymers that provide compatibility and adhesion to polar polymers and substrates. They can also be used to modify engineering thermoplastics.

Compounds with Kraton G polymers have also been used successfully in automotive weather seal applications such as window encapsulation, glass run channel, and various static and dynamic seals.  





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