Compounding Solutions

Appliances and Tools

Cariflex Gloves

Compounds based on Kraton™ polymers provide excellent soft touch feel for tool grips ranging from screw drivers, pliers, to hammers. The soft material also dampens vibration created by many power tools. Compounds can be inserted or two shot injection molded onto variety of substrates such as polypropylene, ABS, polycarbonate, and nylon. Overmold compounds can be used to make control knobs for appliances and seals for various applications. The excellent elastic properties and smooth surface also allow Kraton compounds to be used for refrigerator door gaskets.

Kraton D compounds have been blended with polypropylene to make drain hoses for washing machine. Kraton D compounds can also be used for soft parts that do not require outdoor UV stability. Wire and cable with Kraton polymers can replace PVC power cords. Kraton G polymer has also been used to enhance impact resistance of flame retarded TV housing.




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