Kraton Performance Polymers Brings Innovation to Coatings

Kraton delivers polymer innovations that manufacturers need to improve durability and overall performance in coating applications.  Our styrene block copolymers produce solvent-based, highly elastic coatings that provide outstanding crack-free adhesion to polar and non-polar substrates.  Kraton polymer-based coatings resist damage from water incursion, ponding and from chemical exposure.  Products enhanced with Kraton polymers can be applied year-round, even in very cold and/or wet weather conditions. 

Innovation is a key part of the Kraton corporate culture.  Using our ongoing polymer advancements, customers can formulate improved coatings to meet specific needs. 

Features and Benefits
Kraton’s polymer innovations are today providing the coatings industry with solvent-based formulations that exhibit:

  • Excellent adhesion to polar and non-polar substrates
  • Long-lasting flexibility and elasticity
  • Superior crack resistance
  • Excellent toughness and impact resistance
  • Reliable long-term corrosion, chemical and water resistance


Innovative Polymer Solutions
Bridging the Gap for Coatings Applications
Kraton Innovative Solutions
for Coatings Applications


Removable Coatings
One of the hottest market trends is removable protective and decorative coatings for do-it-yourself projects ranging from re-surfacing faucets and fixtures, to protecting furniture and customizing vehicles.  Kraton G styrene-ethylene/ butylene-styrene (SEBS) polymers are used to manufacture clear and tinted coatings that are easy to apply to prevent surface scratching and water damage or to simply alter appearance and color.  The flexible coatings are easy to peel off by hand and leave no surface residue. 

Barrier Coatings
Kraton highly elastic SEBS polymers are also ideal for manufacturing permanent, high-performance barrier coatings.  When applied to pipe, architectural elements or other outdoor structures, the coatings prevent water, air and moisture incursion and resist corrosion from salt spray and chemicals. 

Roof Coatings
Elastomeric roof coatings and mastics produced with Kraton G SEBS polymers are durable and crack-resistant, providing long-lasting protection against water penetration and damage from ponding.  Kraton G SEBS-based roofing products cure fast and can be applied year-round even in wet, cold conditions.

Road Marking Paints
Tough Kraton G SEBS and Kraton D styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS) thermoplastic elastomers also extend the service life of hot-melt applied road marking paintsKraton polymer-based binders improve retro-reflection properties, resist cracking and maintain elasticity at temperature extremes on a variety of road surfaces.

Removable Maskants
In another protective application requiring tough performance with easy coating removal, the aerospace industry uses Kraton G SEBS and Kraton D SBS polymer-based films for chemical milling and blanking maskants.

Kraton’s capabilities go well beyond our existing innovative polymer solutions.  We have the technical expertise to work with coatings customers seeking to formulate new products and to serve new and changing markets.  We also support end-users by ensuring that our high performance polymers are easy to apply even under challenging conditions and offer low-maintenance performance cost-effective operations. 

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