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Cariflex Polyisoprene Products

Cariflex polyisoprene products are the ideal alternative to natural rubber for applications that demand extreme purity, exceptional protection and consistently high quality. Cariflex products offer a pure and versatile option for manufacturing applications that require the high tensile strength and tear resistance of natural rubber without the impurities that cause discoloration, odor and allergic reactions.

Manufacturing processes using Cariflex products, whether in solid or latex form, can be performed on existing production lines that were designed for natural rubber just by modifying compound recipes and process parameters. Because it contains no organic solvents, Cariflex polyisoprene latex is a clean alternative that can be substituted for natural rubber latex with minimal capital investment. A synthetic material produced in a precisely controlled environment, Cariflex products are free of the impurities and lot-to-lot variations that are inherent to natural materials. Our consistently high quality simplifies manufacturing processes and enhances quality control.


Market applications include:

  • Surgical gloves
  • Catheters
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Consumer and Industrial
  • Electronics
  • Condoms
  • Footwear
  • Food packaging adhesives
  • Paint additives
  • Resins


For further information, please contact:

Phil Henderson
Global Industry Manager


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Cariflex Brochure

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