Sealants,Mastics and Caulks

Sealants and Construction adhesives with Kraton™ polymers can be pigmented or are readily paintable. To match dissimilar color surfaces, they can be formulated clear as well. The polymers also provide good low temperature performance yet can be formulated to boost upper service temperature at same time.

Features and Benefits

The unique properties and wide grade range of Kraton™ polymers provide the customer different options for the sealant markets. 


  • Can be pigmented, painted, or remain clear
  • Flexible low temperatures
  • Elongation and elasticity
  • Adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Good thixotropic characteristics
  • Kraton G and Developmental Products polymer grades offer improved weatherability, color, and heat stability
  • Kraton FG polymer grades yield better adhesion to polar substrates such as glass and aluminum

Construction Adhesives

  • Can be highly filled or pigmented
  • Flexible at low temperatures
  • Highly elastic and resilient
  • Resistant to most acids and bases
  • Kraton polymers with high diblock can be used in flooring mastics where low viscosity and low cohesive strength is important
  • Kraton polymers with high molecular weight and high styrene provide extendibility and good load bearing performance



Clear Sealant
The sealant is typically applied from a hand held caulking gun for small or spot applications and pressure gun for larger industrial applications. The sealant is usually applied to surfaces exposed to weather elements such as windows. They provide good adhesion to keep moisture out.  Kraton G1652, G1701, G1726 polymers typically are used.

Hot Melt Sealant
Kraton G1657 polymer has a lower viscosity and is thus more suitable for hot melt applications. It can be formulated to provide improved adhesion as well as.

Construction Adhesive
The adhesive is typically applied from a hand held caulking gun for small or spot applications and pressure gun for larger industrial applications. The adhesive is applied to areas where strength and load bearing performance is needed such a wall panels. Construction adhesive can hold fixtures in place till better secured. For some applications adhesive can replace nails. Kraton D SBS polymers are typically used since most applications do not need heat or weatherability performance. Kraton polymers such as D1116 can be formulated to adhere to polystyrene foam with specific solvents that reduce attack to the foam.

Flooring Mastic
Mastic formulas with Kraton polymers can be applied to various substrates including floor or carpet tiles for adhesion performance. The high diblock polymers can be formulated to reduce "squeaking" between floors also. Kraton D polymers are typically used but Kraton G polymers can be used if temperature or weather stability is needed.

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