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Kraton is the leading supplier of value-added pine chemicals for the global adhesives industry.
By Working with a large and varied molecular asset base, Kraton Science & Technology teams can select products or create solutions that achieve desired performance results.


Adhesives Brochure

AMS– Alpha Methyl Styrene

These aromatic tackifiers have very low odor and light color along with superior oxidative stability. AMS resins can be used to modify styrene end blocks of SBC in order to improve the range of temperature performance. AMS resins may be used in EVA- and SBC-based adhesives for packaging, bookbinding, nonwovens and assembly applications.

AMS Phenolics

The phenolic component of these tackifiers improves compatibility with high polarity polymers such as EVA, PUR and acrylics. AMS Phenolic resins are recommended for use in applications that require water-white color, excellent adhesion and oxidative stability. The low Tg improves elasticity at low temperature, which makes these tackififers suitable for bookbinding and packaging adhesives.

Hot Melt Polyamides

UNI-REZ™ thermoplastic polyamide adhesives resins bond to a variety of substrates. Kraton’s leading technology position enables a tailored combination of strength, flexibility, environmental resistances, adhesion and open-times.


Polyterpenes have high-softening point grades that combine high heat resistance, excellent tack and peel for pressure sensitive adhesives. These resins offer the highest amount of biorenewable content of Kraton’s product lines and are compatible with polyolefins and the mid-block of SIS co-polymers.

Rosin Esters

Rosin Esters are compatible with a broad range of polymers, including high and low vinyl acetate EVA, acrylics, polyurethane, SBR, SIS and SBS. This characteristic enables formulation flexibility in various hot melt, water-based and solvent-based adhesive applications. Solid rosin esters can be formulated into SBC- or EVA-based adhesives for packaging, PSA and woodworking applications. In addition to these end-uses, liquid rosin esters can also be used in water-based acrylic for construction adhesives.

Modified Rosin

UNI-TAC™70 imparts outstanding adhesion to difficult-to-bond substrates due to the high acid number combined with non-crystallinity and low molecular weight of this solid rosin.


AQUATAC™ waterborne tackifiers have high solid content which contributes to improving overall operational efficiency for adhesive manufacturers.  These dispersed tackifiers are compatible with a broad range of water-based polymers including natural rubber, C-SBR, SBR, polychloroprene and acrylic latices. They can be easily formulated to achieve optimum performance properties for both pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive adhesives.

Styrenated Terpenes

Adhesive formulators can benefit from the aliphatic-aromatic nature of styrenated terpenes, which result in high compatibility with EVA, SIS and SBS polymers. Displaying light color and odor properties, styrenated terpenes are the right choice for premium hot melt applications.

Terpene Phenolics

The terpene phenolic resins are available in a wide range of polarities, which increases the versatility of adhesive formulation. High functionality terpene phenols provide outstanding adhesion when formulated with EVAs and other polar polymers. The low polarity terpene phenolic resins improve adhesion of pressure sensitive adhesives (in SIS, SBS and acrylic systems) to difficult-to-bond substrates like coated and recycled paper, glass and metal foils.

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