Kraton’s portfolio includes a wide range of polymer and pine chemical technologies for adhesive applications. As a leading supplier of tackifying resins based on renewable resources for the global adhesive market, Kraton continues to develop new and innovative products by collaborating with customers to deliver breakthrough solutions to the market.

Kraton’s polymers are engineered to meet specific processing and application requirements such as shear performance, melt and solution viscosity, and adhesion and tack properties. Kraton’s broad portfolio of tall oil rosin and terpene -based tackifiers consists of rosin esters, dispersions, terpene phenolic resins, polyterpenes, styrenated terpene resins, AMS, AMS phenolic resins and hot melt polyamides, which provides a wide range of choices to the global adhesives industry. 

Our vertical integration, world-class manufacturing and production facilities and our continued investment in technology enable our customers to formulate adhesives to meet the changing needs of the marketplace, using tackifiers based on renewable resources. Our broad product portfolio includes sustainable raw materials for tapes and labels, packaging, nonwovens, bookbinding and flooring applications. 

Kraton’s polymers and pine based tackifiers are suitable for various applications, including hot melt and solvent-based adhesives, and can be customized with other polymers, resins, fillers, pigments, oils, thickeners, waxes and stabilizers to obtain a desired balance of properties.


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