Hot-Melt Adhesives

Kraton has a broad portfolio of products designed for hot-melt adhesives. Our tackifier offers a wide range of compatibility, providing enhanced adhesion in hot melt EVA system. Kraton’s block co-polymers serves as the foundation for pressure sensitive hot melt formulations, and it can be combined with our tackifiers to achieve desired properties.


Products typically used in EVA hot-melt for packaging adhesives:
  • Rosin Ester Tackifiers
  • Terpene Phenolic Tackifiers
  • AMS Tackifiers
  • AMS Phenolic Tackifiers
Products typically used in SBC hot-melt for pressure-sensitive adhesives:
  • Kraton™ D SIS, SBS, SIBS  and Kraton™ G SEBS
  • Rosin Ester Tackifiers
  • Terpene Phenolic Tackifiers
  • Styrenated Terpene Tackifiers
  • Polyterpene Tackifiers
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