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REACH for Chemical Safety

REACH is a regulation of the European Union concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals. It aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment by controlling chemical substances produced and imported into Europe.

REACH makes industries responsible for providing safety information for substances and for properly managing the risks arising from their use. Manufacturers have to supply data on the properties of the chemicals they produce or import, and register these in a central database of the European Chemical Agency.

The registration consists of a comprehensive compilation of the essential information about the chemical, physical, toxicological and ecological properties of the chemicals together with a risk assessment to both humans and the environment.

Our Proactive Approach

Kraton Corporation was pro-active when REACH regulation was being prepared in the European Commission and the Parliament. In trade associations and branch organizations, we assumed leadership in driving ahead initiatives to support the regulation. We created a REACH Implementation Team to help adopt the new legal requirements into all the business processes and to engage our various stakeholders.

Our REACH Implementation Team

Our REACH Implementation Team consists of an Executive Sponsor (Commercial Director) and a Project Manager (Regulatory Manager). Since the regulation affects the whole supply chain, the purchasing and sales managers and legal and finance department are also represented. At each manufacturing location, we have a REACH champion as a link between that unit and the regulatory group.

We pre-registered all relevant substances by the end of 2008. The team continues to be fully engaged with the registration process. In most cases, Kraton Corporation is fulfilling its role as a member of a consortium, and in a number of substances, it is taking the lead role.

Ask our REACH Implementation Team about REACH.


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