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Our Mission

Create exceptional value by Giving Innovators Their Edge® better than all others in the industry we lead.


Our Vision

Guided by our Core Values, we will be an admired Fortune 500 specialty chemical company with consistent earnings per share growth, a sustaining Vitality Index, industry leading margins, delivering returns above our cost of capital.


Our Core Values

Our Core Values are the foundation upon which Kraton Performance Polymers is built. They define who we are as a company and unite us across oceans and continents in a common purpose — to safely operate and grow our great company.

The success of our company is dependent upon the decisions we make each day and the paths we choose to follow; both individually and collectively. We must focus on our Core Values and make them the basis for the decisions we make and the actions we take. The future of our corporation is dependent upon the commitment and dedication of each employee to understand, embrace, and abide by our Core Values — they are the foundation for our success.


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